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I'm a traditionally educated journalist and automotive enthusiast that loves all aspects of the car industry. News and manufacturing, to racing and modifying, I enjoy writing about all of it!

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Classic recreations owner article

Exclusive Interview with Classic Recreations Owner Jason Engel - Zero To 60 Times

Classic Recreations is a restoration/custom shop that rebuilds world-class Shelby Mustangs in Yukon, Oklahoma. The cars are customized according to customer desires, and are handcrafted works of art that are as fast as they are beautiful. We recently sat down with owner Jason Engel to find out about what makes...

Foggy car light repair article

How To Fix Your Fogged Headlights - Zero To 60 Times

How To Fix Your Fogged Headlights - Zero To 60 Time...

Classic recreations article

Exclusive Interview with Classic Recreations Owner Jason Engel ...

Exclusive Interview with Classic Recreations Owner ...

Open uri20160923 26568 zm5z4w article

Solar Powered Roads: The Future, or Just Hype? - Zero To 60 Times

Solar Roadways in Sandpoint, Idaho, received a ton of attention in 2014 when their Indiegogo fundraising campaign went viral. A slick video described the green company’s idea for replacing our low tech and boring roads, with their solar powered and LED lit roadways, looking like the streets of the future....

Open uri20161102 8083 9ik7p article

Best Car Apps for Smartphones - Zero To 60 Times

Smart phones can offer so much more than just Facebook and Twitter. Especially while driving, you should put that tech to use, making your drive a better, more efficient, safer experience. Of course we don’t want you playing Minecraft or Pokémon GO while driving, so keep your eyes on the...

Psc sp 200 sin car article

PSC SP-200 SIN Hypercar - 2,400 HP Hybrid - Zero To 60 Times

PSC SP-200 SIN Hypercar - 2,400 HP Hybrid - Zero To...

10 best convertibles article

The 10 Best Convertibles for Every Budget - Zero To 60 Times

Summer is almost here and it’s time to get out and enjoy the great weather. One of the best motoring experiences involves putting the top down and heading out on a winding road. If you are in need of the perfect summer vehicle, here are the best 10 convertibles. Fiat...

Awesome electric cars article

Electric Cars Can Rock - Zero To 60 Times

Many car enthusiasts make fun of electric cars, calling them slow, boring, transportation appliances. Sure, some of them are, but electric vehicles are the most likely future method of personal transportation. Gearheads and hot-rodders worry about electric vehicles being the end of the road, but clean electric performance can bring...

Cr supercars villain article

Meet the Villain of CR Supercars | 1968 Ford Mustang Villain

CR Supercars is a new custom coachbuilder, based out of Yukon, Oklahoma. The supercar company was born out of the established Classic Recreations LLC, a world renowned re-creator of licensed Shelby Mustangs. When CR customers repeatedly asked for design changes, they realized the need for non-Shelby super Mustangs. Enter the...

Car fuel savers article

Why Fuel Savers Don’t Work - Zero To 60 Times

Every time the gas prices increase, you see an ad or commercial for some new device claiming it will save you hundreds of dollars in gas every year, usually for just six easy payments of $29.95. Before you get your hopes up, let’s debunk the most common types. Fuel savers...

Fast cars with baby seats article

Fast Cars That Can Properly Handle a Child Seat - Zero To 60 Times

Uh oh. Now you’ve gone and done it. You’re bringing a little one into the world. Time to sell off all your fun toys and buy a minivan. Or is it? High performance is no longer the realm of just 2-seat sports cars. If you have a need for speed,...

How to drive a car better article

How To Be A Better Driver - Zero To 60 Times

There’s a lot of frustratingly bad drivers out there. We don’t need more, so prevent yourself from joining their ranks by being a better driver. There’s several techniques and methods, and some of them are even fun, so pick a few that work for you and commute in safety. Pay...

Car features you dont need article

10 Car Features You Don’t Need - Zero To 60 Times

While at the dealership selecting your perfect car, you might be tempted to listen to the sales pro and go all in on the super luxury uber package. After all, you deserve it, right? But hold up a minute and think about how much those features will cost over the...

Car tools for garage article

Essential Tools for your Garage - Zero To 60 Times

Tools make the garage, but a large assortment of the wrong tools doesn’t do anything for you. A small garage with the right tools is a garage that can get the job done. If you’re just starting out with no tools, or need to get your current garage sorted out,...

Best roads in america article

The 8 Best Roads in America - Zero To 60 Times

Great roads can make something as boring as commuting into an adventure you look forward to, no matter how many times you take that stretch of road. From beautiful scenic routes to technically challenging twisty drives, here are America’s greatest roads. Pacific Coast Highway Technically California State Route 1, the...