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Andy Jensen

I Love Anything Automotive

I'm a traditionally educated journalist and automotive enthusiast that loves all aspects of the car industry. News and manufacturing, to racing and modifying, I enjoy writing about all of it!

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1292113 why i love speed wagons and you should too  article

Why I Love Speed Wagons (And You Should, Too)

I love wagons. One of my earliest car-related memories involves riding in the back of my friend's parents' station wagon. We entered through the rear hatch and plopped down on backward-facing seats. An ignorant kid, I viewed the wagon as a utility vehicle — until my buddy's dad stepped on...

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Diesel Facts to Dealership Hacks: An Industry Pro’s Car-Buying Tips

Diesel Facts to Dealership Hacks: An Industry Pro’s...

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How The Volvo S60 Is Turning Driving Into A Human Experience

When Volvo embarked on releasing the 2015.5 S60, they didn't just focus on how the car would look in vanity shots (although I think we can agree, it does look mighty fine). Instead, they used human-focused design to improve upon the car in its second-gen iteration. The result? A driving...